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T. J. Childers - Photography

My name is T. J. Childers and I am a New jersey based photographer. I specializes in Portraiture, Event, & Landscapes, but am able to shoot just about anything you need. Whether you’re here for a new facebook/linkedin profile picture or trying to find someone to shoot your important day or event, I am willing to help in any way I can.

What began as an interesting and fulfilling has quickly spiraled into a passion. I love that photography allows me to capture those brief moments of beauty. A fog rolling over a lake, a smile on a newborns face, a portrait showcasing an individuals personality. Those moments are what makes this photo journey such a wonderful experience. 

Services & Booking

All prices are flexible to meet your budget. By allowing the final pictures to be used in a blog post / posted to social media there is an extra discount applied.

Profile picture - Whether you want to clean up your linkedIn/Facebook/Instagram profile, or just want some cool headshots for personal use, this is a great starting option. At the end we can view all pictures taken and you decide which is your favorite to keep. Editing completed within 24 hours of shoot.

$15 for 20 minutes (1 finished piece) or $40 for 30 minutes (3 finished pieces).


Individual Photoshoot - If you want a photoshoot a little more intense than just a few headshots to show off your personality or product we can make that happen.

$25 for 45 minutes and 1 location (3 finished pieces) or $75 for 1.5 hours and up to 2 locations (4-5 finished pieces)


Event photography - Prices are negotiable based on time, distance, and tools needed.